Must-Have Tools & Accessories for Asphalt Sealcoating Jobs

Must-Have Tools & Accessories for Asphalt Sealcoating Jobs


The importance of maintaining asphalt pavement cannot be overstated, be it for residential or commercial purposes. One of the most effective ways to preserve and protect asphalt is by applying a high-quality sealcoat. And while hiring reliable asphalt contractors is essential to getting the job done right, it’s equally vital that they have the right tools and accessories. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some must-have tools & accessories for asphalt sealcoating jobs that every asphalt contractor should have at their disposal.


1. Spray System

A spray system is one of the most essential tools for any asphalt sealcoating job. It helps to apply a consistent and even layer of sealer across the surface of the pavement. While there are different types of spray systems available, a diaphragm pump system is generally preferred due to its ability to handle different types of sealers and coatings. So, be sure to check with your asphalt contractor if they are equipped with a good spray system.

2. Sealcoating Machine

A sealcoating machine is another important tool to have at hand for large asphalt pavement projects. These machines help in stirring the sealer and also make spraying an easy task by reducing the amount of manual labor involved. A good sealcoating machine will enable your contractor to cover a large surface area in a shorter span of time, ensuring a uniform application of the sealcoat.

3. Spray Tips

Various spray tips are available that control the width and coverage area of your sealcoat. Available in different sizes and angles, the right combination of spray tips should be chosen to provide an even and smooth coating over a specific width. The type of spray tip should be customized based on the width of the pavement.

4. Squeegee

While spray systems and machines are ideal for larger asphalt surfaces, squeegees are the perfect tool for smaller areas requiring a detailed sealcoat application. Squeegees help to seal cracks and crevices that cannot be covered by a spray system. Squeegees also allow contractors to make a manual application of sealer, giving them greater control over the thickness of the coating.

5. Sand

Sand is a useful accessory when added to sealcoating material. It helps to increase traction on wet surfaces and gives the surface a slip-resistant quality. This is especially important for areas of high foot or vehicle traffic. If your asphalt pavement is situated in a hilly or sloped area, sand can prevent vehicular slippage.



Hiring an experienced and reliable asphalt contractor is crucial to having a good sealcoating job done for your pavement. Before hiring, be sure to check that the contractor has all the needed tools and accessories mentioned above. If you’re looking for asphalt contractors in Lake County, FL, you can trust in Reliable Pavement Management. We have the necessary tools and equipment to deliver the best possible outcome in a timely and professional manner. Contact us today to request an estimate!

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