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Squeegee & Spray Sealcoating

Restore the appearance of your asphalt pavement by having it seal coated and crack sealed. Seal coating weatherproofs the surface, and protects it from the effects of water, gas, oil, and the sun. By spending a few cents per square foot, you can maximize the longevity of you asphalt.

Seal coating is designed to protect asphalt pavements from the damaging effects of the environment, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation. Protecting pavement with seal coating has basically the same effect as using sun block on your skin or varnish on wood—it slows the destructive effects of our extreme southeastern climate.

Sealcoating also minimizes raveling (the loss of aggregate) and fills minor voids in the surface. Other benefits include creating a uniform color and appearance for all paved asphalt surfaces and increasing the visibility of curbing. Seal coating and re-striping of parking spaces and crosswalks improve traffic flow and enhance public safety. To reduce long-term maintenance expenses, industry experts recommend that pavement be seal coated every two to five years, depending on traffic and overall condition. Pavements that exhibit extensive cracking, base failure, or severe surface raveling will not significantly benefit from seal coating. Also, seal coat tends not to adhere well to areas saturated with oil, so such areas must be treated with an oil spot primer to aid adhesion. Sealer can be applied by either squeegee or spray methods. The spray method is recommended for smooth pavement, whereas rough, porous surfaces are better serviced by the squeegee method with its thicker application. Normal curing time is 24 hours for moderate temperature and humidity conditions. Consult with us regarding squeegee and spray methods.

After the seal coat has been applied, one of the simplest yet important services provided is parking lot striping. We install clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows that all result in a more efficient and problem-free parking lot. These are often essential for maximizing parking lot space and enhancing the flow of traffic. Ensuring that the striping is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act which also reduces owner liability.

RPM Pavement

Parking Lot Striping

Reliable Pavement Maintenance, Inc. uses top-quality products chosen specifically for their durability and long life. Properly applied painted pavement markings are the most durable and cost-effective traffic control measure available. Whether we are re-striping or laying out your parking area, we treat each job with the same dedication. No job is too large or too small. And if you need assistance, our experienced staff can help you design your parking lot area to control traffic flow, maximize parking spaces, and comply with ADA requirements and local fire codes.

RPM Pavement

Asphalt Services


Paved asphalt surfaces are designed to provide all-weather use. The aesthetics of any property are enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professionally constructed pavement. Other benefits include enhanced safety because tripping hazards are minimized, improved dust control, and reduced maintenance time. Asphalt paving falls into two main categories: New Construction and Complete Removal and Replacement of Existing Asphalt. Other methods include “capping” or overlaying existing asphalt. We will give recommendations for best results on an individual basis.

Removal & Replacement of Asphalt

Deterioration of asphalt can occur as a result of lack of maintenance, overuse, or simply living past its life expectancy. In such cases, old asphalt pavement may need to be removed and replaced or refurbished.

New Construction

As the name implies, New Construction is the building of new asphalt surfaces. First, excavation and grading of the area are performed as necessary to establish desired grade and drainage. Next, an aggregate base course (ABC) is placed and compacted. Finally, a specifically designed asphalt mix is applied to present a finished surface based on the customer’s needs.

RPM Pavement


We deliver and install, per your specifications, all types of signs, whether stock or custom made. All signs meet federal and state regulations, and will last for years against sunlight and weather.

Wheel Stops

Properly placed wheel stops protect structures from vehicles, as well as encourage drivers to pull all the way into stalls. This ensures adequate clearance behind the vehicle. There are several types of wheel stops available for delivery and installation – concrete, rubber, plastic and other variations.

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