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October 2013

Dear Sir or Ma’am:

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Reliable Pavement Maintenance to you. Recommending Reliable Pavement Maintenance is an easy thing to do, because it is something we do often.

SealMaster has thousands of customers nationwide, hundreds of customers in Florida and several dozens significant customers. From our Florida headquarters in Tampa, we manufacture sealer and supply it all over the state of Florida and beyond. There is never a week goes by that we don’t have a landowner or property manager ask us for a reputable contractor in their area. When that question is asked and they are looking for a contractor in central Florida near Orlando, Reliable Pavement Maintenance is always one of our recommendations.

Reliable Pavement Maintenance meets or exceeds all applicable standards for SealMaster’s pavement sealers. Some of these specifications include proper surface preparation, sand load, additive, and application rate. Those specifications are available at and can be provided in other methods upon request.

SealMaster strives to refine and improve our products on an ongoing basis and works to provide the most environmentally friendly products for pavement maintenance while maintaining our high standards for wearability.

Reliable Pavement Maintenance, operated by Michelle and Robert Hornor is a partner that shares these standards for excellence in product and application, striving to provide the property owner with enhanced appearance while maintaining the asphalt for longer life, helping keep long-term maintenance and replacement costs lower.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to ask us any particular questions about Reliable Pavement Maintenance.

Jerry Britt

Owner, SealMaster

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