How to Prepare Surface for Sealcoating

How to Prepare Surface for Sealcoating


Sealcoating is an essential process for maintaining the longevity and appearance of your pavement. However, before applying the sealcoat, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is adequately prepared. Proper surface preparation not only ensures better adhesion of the sealcoat but also increases the overall lifespan of the pavements. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective ways to prepare your pavement surface for sealcoating.


1. Cleaning the Surface

The first and foremost step in surface preparation is to clean the pavement surface thoroughly. The surface should be free from all dust, dirt, debris, and loose materials. Power washing or using a broom is the most effective way of removing dirt and debris from the pavement surface. If required, you can also use a leaf blower to clean the surface.

2. Repairing Cracks

Before sealcoating, it is essential to repair all visible cracks on the surface. Otherwise, the sealcoat will not be able to penetrate into the cracks and seal them correctly, subsequently leading to further damage. Cracks can be repaired using crack filler or hot pour filler products. It is necessary to ensure that the crack filler is fully cured before applying the sealcoat.

3. Patching Holes

If there are holes or depressions on the pavement surface, they should be patched before applying the sealcoat. To patch the holes, first, remove any loose debris, and then clean the surface thoroughly. Finally, apply a patching material like cold patch or hot mix asphalt to fill the holes and level the surface.

4. Surface Etching

Surface etching helps in improving the adhesion of the sealcoat to the pavement surface. It involves applying a chemical etching solution to the pavement surface, which helps in removing the top layer of the pavement and creating a rougher surface. This rougher surface helps the sealcoat to bond correctly with the pavement surface.

5. Applying Sealcoat

Once the surface preparation is complete, it's time to apply the sealcoat. Generally, a squeegee or spray is used to apply the sealcoat evenly on the pavement surface. Ensure that the sealcoat is applied evenly and at the recommended thickness. Remember that the sealcoat needs time to cure, so avoid driving or walking on the surface until it is completely dry.



Proper surface preparation is essential for the longevity and appearance of your pavement. It not only ensures better adhesion of the sealcoat but also helps in identifying underlying issues that can be resolved before the sealcoating process. Before performing any surface preparation, it's essential to consult with an experienced and professional contractor like Reliable Pavement Maintenance. They have years of experience and expertise in providing pavement maintenance services like sealcoating in Lake County, FL. Contact Reliable Pavement Maintenance today to request an estimate for your pavement maintenance needs.

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