When Is the Best Time to Fix Your Asphalt?

When Is the Best Time to Fix Your Asphalt?


Maintaining a smooth and polished finish for your commercial or residential property's asphalt surface should be one of your top priorities. Yes, asphalt, even though it is a durable and long-lasting surface, can still sustain significant damage from inclement weather, intense sunlight, and heavy traffic. Now, the question that arises is, when is the best time to fix your asphalt?

Asphalt repair is not an easy job, and you can't just fix it at any time of the year. There are specific seasons and times of year when asphalt repair is best done. Read on to learn when is the best time to fix your asphalt so that your driveway or parking lot is always in excellent shape.



Spring is an excellent time of the year to fix your asphalt surface since the temperature is perfect for repairing your pavement. The warm weather makes it easy to spread the necessary asphalt fillings evenly. Plus, repairing your asphalt during springtime ensures that your pavement will be ready for the summer months — the busiest season for any commercial property's parking area.


Summertime is the busiest season for any commercial property, which is why it is best to fix your asphalt before the summer hits its peak. The warm weather, coupled with a lack of rain, makes summertime an ideal temperature for asphalt repair. It is essential to fix any damage before the increased traffic takes considerable tolls on your pavement surface.


Fall or autumn is an excellent time to fix your asphalt because of the mild temperatures. This temperature is optimal for the repair of your asphalt, especially since the temperatures tend to be mildly warm in the day and slightly cooler at night. Also, repairing your pavement during Fall can ensure it is ready for the harsh winter season ahead.


It is not advisable to repair your asphalt surface during the winter season because the temperatures are too cold, and the snow may hinder the repair process. Snow, ice, and rain can also affect the adherence of the asphalt repair materials, making it difficult to achieve a smooth and durable surface.



In summary, it is best to fix your commercial or residential property's asphalt surface during periods of mild to warm temperatures, which typically occur in the spring, summer, and fall. This will allow your pavement to take the most advantage of the repair materials and ensure the longevity of the surface. Reliable Pavement Maintenance has the skilled professionals and equipment to ensure that your asphalt is expertly maintained and repaired. If you're looking for asphalt contractors in Lake County, FL, contact Reliable Pavement Maintenance today for a free estimate and to learn more about maintaining your asphalt surfaces.

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