May 2, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

The Greater Orlando Division of Woolbright Development, Inc. started using the services of Reliable Pavement Maintenance, Inc. (RPM) since 2007 on a recommendation originally provided by Seminole County Florida Engineering Department.  Although a recommendation from the local authority was important, they submitted a competitive bid and became the successful bidder.  The results surpassed the recommendation of Seminole County.

In the shopping center industry, curb appeal is a primary focus as we compete for business in the retail arena.  In 2007 the first project awarded to Reliable Pavement Maintenance, Inc. was Lake Mary Village in Lake Mary that was a major change in parking space layout coupled with a 56,000 sf space renovation in the operating shopping center.  It was obvious from the very beginning that the RPM Team was focused not only on the project but the existing tenants as well as their employees and customers and the end result.  The coordination, timing, communication and the quality of their work far exceeded that of other vendors that we have used in the past.

RPM has worked on several other locations for us such as Daytona Promenade, South Square, Cove Center, Wekiva Riverwalk and more.  At these locations, they have completed various services including asphalt patch repair, sealcoat, signage, paint stripping and concrete curb repair.

      We continue to use RPM for several key reasons which include:


    • Remain competitive in pricing without impacting quality and service
    • Responsive to our scheduled projects and emergency needs
    • Deadlines have always been met, even under adverse traffic and weather conditions
    • Coordination and communication with our team, local authority, tenants, and customers continue to be an essential part of their company
    • Safety and Reliablity
    • Quality of their workmanship continues to be exceptional

As the Regional Construction and Project Manager for Woolbirght Development, I have been completely satisfied with the consistent performance of Reliable Pavement Maintenance, Inc., and would recommend them to anyone needing the services and maintenance plans they offer.


James Hanson, CHST

Regional Construction/Project Manager


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